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The key to making swing changes and improve your game is feedback.  The more frequent you get feedback, the faster you will make changes and the faster you will improve.  

Fast Feedback for Fast Changes

LVPro2 Digital Mirror provides instant feedback for the fastest way to get better.

Compare, Record and Learn

Digital video can be compared, recorded, marked-up and shared to combine many different modes of visual learning

LVStudio Integrates and Automates

The key to the LVPro2 camera system is the LVStudio app that delivers and organizes this information automatically and quickly to create a seamless learning environment.

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LVPro2 is a wireless camera that broadcasts video with very low latency to your Android or iOS device. This creates a Digital Mirror.​

  • Live Feedback

    Watch and loop instruction or pro swing at the same time that you are mirroring.

  • View From Any Angle​

    Unlike glass mirrors, digital mirror can show any viewing angle using convenient wireless camera.

  • Digital Line Tools​

    Insert lines directly into video for precise body positioning.

Instant Replay on Every Swing

  • Automatic Capture

    Capture swings automatically by listening for ball impact.
    Or Capture swings using AI technology by taking a full swing.

  • Slow Motion Playback Option

    Set hands-free playback options up to 20% slow motion.

  • Self Trimming Video

    Videos are self trimming to include your full backswing.

  • HD resolution with 120FPS

    Saved videos are captured in 120FPS HD quality

  • Split Screen​​

    Connects “feel to real” so that you can understand your movements.

  • Automatic Swing Comparison

    Split Screen video plays with your swing after every recording for easy comparison.

AI Automatic Templates

Swing AI places and scales swing templates automatically.

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  • Features​

    • Two camera operation is possible with LVSync.
    • Works with AI Trigger and Sound Trigger.
    • 120 FPS HD Capture on both angles
  • Free Subscription

    • Second iOS device for use as a software camera
    Learn More about LVSync 

Capture Every Detail