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Learn and Improve Faster Than Ever

The LVPro2 is the most powerful golf studio, right in your pocket. Our advanced digital mirroring tools feature patented Swing AI technology to provide effective feedback for faster results.

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  • Live Mirroring

    Continuous feedback with digital mirroring helps you feel what is real. Make precise changes without over or under correcting.

  • AI Templates

    Swing AI Senses your body to scale and apply line templates automatically. Have confidence that you are always practicing the right stuff.

  • Hands-Free Instant Replay

    Record every swing and play it back in slow motion - HANDS FREE! See every detail in clear 120 FPS HD.

  • Split Screen Swing Copy

    Loop and watch model swings while practicing and automatically compare every swing.

  • Dual Camera (iOS only - Optional)

    Use your iPhone as a second camera to get 2 angle video. (Requires subscription)

  • Pocket Portability

    Compact enough to fit into your pocket. Works with most iOS or Android devices.