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Featuring PURLnk technology, LVPro 2 solves the problem of skip frames caused by WiFi and other RF interference for better and smoother video.

LVPro 2 is a breakthrough in digital mirroring technology.  Using proprietary PURLnk technology, LVPro 2 accelerates video streaming over 10 times to provide HD quality digital mirroring together with 120FPS swing capture.  PURLnk is so powerful it can do this without any frame loss!  Enjoy perfect, no-skip swing capture  every time - even in congested and noisy WiFi or RF environments.

LiveView AI
LVPro 2 is smarter than any camera before it.  Using Live View AI, our revolutionary artificial intelligence engine, LVPro 2 can track your swing to "see" your practice.  Using LiveView AI, LVPro 2 can:

  1. AI Swing Trigger -"see launch" for instant replay capture.   This enables instant replay even in noisy environments.  Ideal for driving range use.
  2. Automatic Templates. (Coming Soon) Build and apply common templates automatically with one touch.  Templates are placed and sized automatically.

Other Benefits

  • Replaceable Batteries - LVPro 2 accepts swappable batteries. Maximize your use time whether you are practicing or teaching. (charger and additional batteries sold separately).
  • Bright Lens - F2.0 lens provides enhanced imaging in lower light environments such as golf simulators.
  • Variable Exposure Control - improve image quality by controlling exposure settings to prevent too bright/too dark videos.
  • 4' imaging distance -  Default portrait mode minimizes imaging distance under 4' for use in most driving range bays.
  • Audio Recording - videos capture audio with the swing.

Technical Specs


  • HD (720p) @ 120 frames per second.
  • HD (1080p) @ 30 frames per second.

Battery:  1700mAh (90 minutes use time), Lithium Polymer, replaceable.

WiFi: 802.11 N. 2.4 GHz

Bluetooth: 4.2

Minimum Distance: 4' for full swing capture


  • Apple iOS 14+
  • Android 9+
  • Amazon FireOS 7+