Instant Replay

LVPro2 provides instant replay for actions normally too fast for the human eye. Our software is fully automated to capture, trim and playback video in slow motion.

Hands-free operation

LVPro2 is fully automated for hands-free swing capture to let you focus on your practice. LVPro2 reacts to you, instead of the other way around to make video effortless and convenient. 

Sound Trigger

Swing Recordings are triggered on ball impact but sensitivity can be adjusted. At lower settings even softer sounds, such as brushing the mat or carpet, can start a recording.

AI Trigger

LVPro2's Swing AI™ can trigger a recording based on your body motion. With Swing AI™ Instant Replay becomes possible at the busiest driving range or anywhere else.

File Trimming

Captured files are automatically trimmed to show the full backswing and followthrough.

High Resolution

Video is recorded in full 120 frame per second HD to capture every detail.

AI Trigger Instant Replay: Actual Capture