LVPro vs LVPro2

LVPro and LVpro2 are both excellent options for learning and improving your game. Here are some things to consider in deciding which version is best for you:

  • LV Studio

    • Live Mirroring for faster learning. See yourself and learn the "feel" of the what is "real" .
    • Automatic Recording and self-trimming swing videos.
    • Permanent Objects remain during swing rehearsal and recording for constant feedback.
    • Swing Compare loops reference swing and automatically synchronizes recordings with reference during replay
    • Export and share videos to coaches.
    • Android and iOS Compatibility
    • Dual Camera option on iOS.
  • Consider LVPro2

    • Best Image Quality (HD, 120 FPS)
    • No skip video capture
    • Works at Public Driving Range/Noisy environment
    Choose LVPro2 
  • Consider LVPro

    • Affordable. ($369)
    • Darkened Room/Lowlight Perfomance.
    Choose LVPro 

LVPro2 vs. LVPro Video Comparison

  • LVPro2: Swing AI™ Trigger

    LVPro2 uses Swing AI™ to determine if a swing has been completed. This means that LVPro2 can find swings even in noisy environments like busy driving ranges. Swing AI™ also provides the gateway to advanced AI template and comparison features.

  • LVPro: Sound Trigger

    LVPro can automatically capture and trim your swing based on the sound of ball impact or even the club brushing on carpet. Sound Trigger is almost 100% reliable if there is no additional noise present.

LVPro Low Light Performance

LVPro and LVpro2 were both designed to work in low light. For simulator use, LVPro2 performance can be enhance by using simple LED lights from the front.

In intentionally darkened rooms such as projection screens, we recommend LVPro for better low light performance.