Dual Camera Recording

Dual Camera Video for LVPro2 and LVPro with LVSYnc™

What is LVSync™?

LVSync is an iOS feature to your LVPro2 to enable dual camera capture for your practice sessions. 

  • To Use LVSync You Need:

    • 1x LVPro2 Camera
    • 2x iOS 14 Device: need one device for use as Viewer (usually iPad) and second for use as camera (usually iPhone)
  • Optional

    • 2x LivePod 2: (can be any other tripod for holding the the LVPro in portrait mode and the second iOS Devices as camera)
  • Android Users

    ANDROID USERS: Dual Camera will be coming to Android in summer 2024. We will send out an email for potential testers when the beta is available.

How Does it Work?

  • Open LVSync on your iPhone

    Open LVSync on your Second device and select "CAMERA MODE". [Do not connect this device to the LVPRo2 camera. LVPro2 only supports a direct connection to the viewing device. ]

  • Connect LVPRo2 and LVSync camera

    Open LVStudio on your tablet (or viewing device) and connect to the LVPro2 camera. Once connected open LVSync and select "Dual View". You will see you LVSync Camera as a red dot in the right panel. Selecting it will open the LVSync stream.

Full Setup Video