Digital Mirroring

Digital Mirroring is critical to creating massive feedback necessary for fast learning.

The value of mirroring

Traditional mirror practice allows you to self-correct using your reflection. The reflection creates an immediate feedback loop and associates muscle memory with the correct movements.

What is DIGITAL mirroring?

Digital mirroring re-creates glass mirrors by using low latency streaming video. This means that there is no perceptible delay between when you move and when the tablet displays the video.

The problem of latency

Latency breaks the feedback loop and introduces uncertainty about which feeling resulted in the correct movement. The greater the latency, the greater the uncertainty.

The reason digital mirroring is so much more effective than traditional phone video is because feedback happens over 1000x faster.

Powerful tools

LVPro2 pairs low latency streaming with powerful video tools to enhance your practice and create greater precision.

"Practice doesn't make perfect ,only perfect practice makes perfect"

-Vince Lombardi