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LVPro Practice Plan

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Lease Plan

Practice Plan is a monthly lease plan for the LVPro.  Get free shipping to and from your location.  This offer is only available to US Domestic Customers.

Cancel anytime

You can cancel at any time. Following cancellation of the Practice Plan, your LVPro must be returned with a prepaid return label provided by LVS within 7 days following termination of your Practice Plan.  If you do not return your LVPro within 30 days following the end of your Practice Plan, you will be charged an equipment fee equal to the cost of the "Keep your LVPro Option" below.

Keep your LVPro

You receive a $29 credit towards the purchase of your LVPro for every month that your Practice Plan is active.  The credit is applied towards MSRP at the time of buyout, currently $369.  After 12 months of Practice Plan membership, you may choose to keep your LVPro free of charge.