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LV-Lite is a small and light MagSafe compatible clip that mounts virtually anywhere to enable simple selfie swing recording on the go.  LV-Lite weighs less than 5 oz and uses a universal clamp for convenient and stable mounting to almost any object.

LV-Lite includes a FREE ONE YEAR subscription to our latest iOS App: LVSports.AI (Regular $39.99). To learn more about the App see our App information page.

LVSports.AI is currently in open beta.  Your Subscription will be automatically activated once the app goes public.  To install the LVSports.AI beta requires 2 steps:

STEP 1: Install "TestFlight"


STEP2: Install LVSports.AI



Q: Does LV-Lite replace LVPro or LVPro2?
A: LV-Lite uses the phone's camera for both recording and display.  As such LV-Lite cannot offer the Digital Mirroring and live feedback functionality that is the core of the LVPro video system.  Instead LV-Lite uses our LVSports.AI technology to record and trim video on a swing-by-swing basis.

Q: Which Camera does the App use?
A: LV-Lite can use either the front or the rear phone camera at native resolution for the best video performance during recording.  Using the front camera in "selfie mode" provides some limited mirroring capabilities.

Q: What resolution does LV-Lite record at?
A: LV-Lite uses the on-board phone camera's native resolution for recording video.  This means that video can be captured using the main camera at up to 240FPS in 1080p.

 Q: Can LV-Lite cast video to an iPad for viewing?
A: Casting video to a second display is not available for LV-Lite. If you need to cast video to a separate display, we recommend the LVPro2.