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  • LivePod
  • Remote Control

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"Practice doesn't make perfect, only perfect practice makes perfect"

-Vince Lombardi

  • Start Now Bundle includes everything you need to get started quickly to player better golf this season.

  • Effective Feedback with LVPro

    To improve faster you need more feedback. LVPro is the most powerful universal practice system. Our proprietary digital mirroring technology creates a self-correcting feedback loop that helps you understand the real feeling of what you are trying to learn.

  • Works Anywhere

    LVPro helps you see your actual mechanics so you can correct the root cause of swing inconsistencies. You don't even have to hit an actual ball to learn. With LVPro you can improve at any time and anywhere.

  • 1. Digital Mirroring

    See a live feed of your practice and insert lines and objects for clear reference during practice. See how your swing feel matches what is real.

  • 2. Instant Replay on Every Swing

    LVPro uses the ball impact sound to automatically record every swing. Swings are trimmed to 2 seconds of back-swing and 2 seconds after impact.

  • 3. Dual Screen Comparison

    Play a lesson video or pro swing while watching yourself to compare your ideal against your actual movements. Swing videos are matched automatically to your own motion.

  • 4. Dual Camera Option on iOS

    iOS users have the option to see two camera angles using an iPhone as a second camera. Dual camera requires an annual subscription.

  • LVPro

    The original Digital Mirror camera for full compatibility with LVStudio.

  • LivePod

    Mount LVPro to almost any object for maximum versatility and minimum weight.

  • Smart Remote

    Start-Stop recordings manually. Play/Pause playback including frame by frame controls.