V5.5 App Updates

We’ve been busy working on some major updates to the Live View Golf app.  It took a little longer than we anticipated because we ended up having to re-write large parts of our code base from scratch in order to fit in our next generation features.  We are finally ready to start sharing some of the changes that we’ve been working on and need beta testers to help us tune and debug the new version.  If you are tech savvy and willing to help us debug the new app, we invite you to participate in our public beta in the coming weeks. Simply log on to our forum and subscribe to the following thread:  v5-5-beta-testers-notification-ios-only/.

Whole Screen UI

Our biggest goal in V5.5 was to take better advantage of the screen size to maximize the information we can display. V5.5  Maximizes screen use by scaling the video over the entire screen and removing menu bars.

V5.5 Home Screen

Rotate Video and PIP

V5.5 also gives the ability to rotate your video to take advantage of the rectangular sensor shape and increase vertical imaging height in situations where space is tight.  We are also introducing a picture in picture engine (PIP) that will allow you to load reference videos for view during practice.

New Drawing Tools

Finally we are reworking the entire drawing tools engine to make it more simple to draw including 

  • Easier line selection for moving objects
  • Free drawing of lines
  • Relative Angles to other lines.
V5.5 Drawing Screen


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