Using Two Live View Golf Cameras

Set Up Main Photo Bg

We’ve had a lot of questions about using two cameras simultaneously. Right now each device can only be paired to one camera, so using 2 cameras to check downline and front facing at the same time also requires 2 viewing devices. Using 2 cameras gives you the chance to make sure you are not cheating in another dimension as you are fixing your swing


  • are you working on connecting two cameras to one device and being able to show simultaneous split screen side by side viewing of both views of the same swing? That would be a big improvement that many would want, and is available on some other swing software. Recording on two devices makes it harder to later match the two views of the same swing.

    • We are in the process of enabling a dual camera solution. If you are attending the 2020 PGA show in Orlando, please stop by our booth near the TPI stage for a coming announcement.

  • Hi how do you turn off the smart remote to conserve battery life?

    • The smart remote automatically goes to low power mode when not in use. it should last 5-6 months in normal use


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