Using Live View Golf with Front Facing Video

Set Up Main Photo Bg

Another great use of Live View Golf is to insure that you maintain a stationary post during your entire swing. Patrick Parrish shows how to monitor yourself using front facing video to insure that your head stays stationary to avoid fat or thin ball strikes.


  • App not working when I try to watch video it shuts app and I can’t watch

  • Is there written directions I can print so I can learn how to use my Liveview? Today was my first time using it
    Does each time you video only last two minutes? Mine shuts down after two minutes.
    I hit record 4-5 times and it didn’t record at all

  • Hello, cant get my app and live view unit to recognize each other. Suggestions?
    Thanks! Jeff Butts

    • Please make sure you are using WiFi to connect to the LV_Pro camera.


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