Syncing Your Device with Live View Golf

Set Up Main Photo Bg

To connect your camera to your live view golf, simply turn it on, and connect to the “LiveViewGolf#########” hotspot.


    • Personalization and Passwords are available in the settings menu. You can personalize your camera hotspot name and apply a password by entering it and applying it in the settings.

      • Hi, i entering password a new hotspot name, but when i push done, no save settings, why? thank you

        • Please make sure you are connected to the Live View Camera with video before changing the hotspot name and applying a Password.

  • Well, I faced the same problem trying to change the channel ..
    Solution: You have to click on “Set Wi-Fi Name” .. etc. on the right side of their name, then device is rebooting and you have to reconnect.

    Clicking on “Done”! Descards changes for the WiFi.

  • Just received my Live View Pro yesterday, downloaded the app to my iPad and now trying to sync it but can’t seem to figure out how to proceed. No instruction manual, no directions on the Live View site. My iPad screen has the message: “! No Video Signal!! Please connect your Liveview device for video” Again, can’t figure out how to do this. Touched the button “connect to camera” several times but nothing happens. Please advise as to how to proceed.

    • The most important thing is to connect your iPad to the LiveView camera hotspot. Once this has been done, open the app and tap the “connect to camera” button if you still don’t have video.


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