Swingplane and Live View Golf

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Early illustration of swing plane.
From Golf Today, early illustration of swing plane.
 Johnny Miller The Perfect Swing Plane
From Golf Magazine, Johnny Miller The Perfect Swing Plane. Talking about how difficult it is to assess your own swing plane.

Almost every golf professional will emphasize the importance of finding the correct swing plane for maximum power and control.  Poor swing plane not only causes loss of ball control, but can drain 10 yards or more from your distance on every club.  In fact, so much has been written on the subject that a quick search on the term “Swing Plane” yields over 700,000 results on Google.

Complicating the matter is that there are many different theories on what a correct swing plane should look like.  Deciding on and understanding what the right swing plane theory is for you, is less than half the battle.  The bigger battle is actually learning to swing on the correct swing plane.  Because you typically don’t have any frame of reference against which to judge whether you are on plane or not, finding and fixing your own swing plane is incredibly hard.That is why we invented Live View Golf.

Live View Golf is a camera system designed to give you a stable and objective external frame of reference to check your own swing plane.  Live View Golf gives you the ability to monitor your swing by inserting plane lines into your video.  What makes Live View Golf unique from other video based swing plane apps is that the video is provided in real time.

With live video you can see and monitor your back swing as you are making the swing. If the club head deviates from the desired plane line, it is visible immediately and allows you to make corrections, before a mistake is made.  This visual feedback is both instant and extremely intuitive to where even a 10 year old can see her deviation from the proper swing plane and fix her own swing.  In the video below the player can see the target swing plane in the the Live View Golf video stream showing on the tablet in front of her ball.  With this live video stream she easily adjusts her own swing to conform to the correct swing plane.

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Instead of ingraining bad habits, you can make sure that every practice swing is precise, and when every practice swing is precise, you improve faster.  Live View Golf is your best tool to find your swing plane.




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