Live View Golf on Windows (or Mac) using an Android Emulator


We recently made an exciting discovery courtesy of one of our users (Thomas McDowell) that enables running the Android Version of the Live View Golf app on a Windows PC or even a Mac.  The system works by running a piece of third party software called “Nox” which emulates an Android device.  Once installed, you can log into the Google Play Store and install any android app including Live View Golf.

DISCLAIMER: Nox is third party software and not maintained or supported by Live View Golf.  Please install and use this at your own discretion. Live View Golf is providing this guide merely as an accommodation  to PC and Mac users.  Live View Golf is not responsible for any damage caused by any third party applications. The best experience will always be on native iOS or Android Devices.


Getting Nox running on your PC is a fairly simple three step process (1) Download and Install Nox to your system.  (2) download Live View Golf to your Virtual Android and (3) connect your laptop wifi to the Live View Golf Camera.  Then just use Live View Golf as you would normally.  Windows 10 Touch screen devices like the Microsoft Surface Pro work especially well since the experience is almost identical to the original App Design.(1) Download and Install Nox at


Install Nox



Install Live View Golf

Launch Google Play



Login or Register To Your Google Account

Install Live View Golf

Connect WiFi
Use Windows Wifi Manager to Connect

Maximize App to show Full Screen


    • LVG App 5.2.17 is currently having issues in Nox. Video replay does not work. Nox on Windows or MacOS is not officially supported, but we are working to resolve the issue. The solution requires creating a custom video decoder and is quite complicated. We will provide an update in Mid March.

  • There is another OS out there called Remix OS that also emulates Android on a PC. You have to be using a more current PC in order for it to load properly. I have been using this for a while now and it works fine.

  • Can live view golf app be used on fire HD 8? If so how do I down load the app? Do I need an emulator?

    • Yes, you can use Live View with Kindle Fire 8. Our app is part of the Kindle App store.


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