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Apple AV Adapter (Lightning to HDMI)

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What is LV-AR?

LiveView AR is a wearable display that works with your iPhone or HDMI compatible Android to bring the LiveView feedback directly to you. The display moves with your vision so that every aspect of your movement is constantly at your fingertips.


1. Freedom of Movement:

LV-AR is designed to stay in place even during active and vigorous use. Because the display moves with your vision you are no longer tethered to a fixed point on the ground when checking your swing. Take a full swing and DSM your swing from start to finish!

2. See Clearly:

a) Brings the display to you so that you don’t have to strain to see your feedback

b) Not affected by glare or direct sunlight

3. Availability


MSRP: $389*

*Please choose either Apple Lightning or USB-C HDMI connector.  For other phone output  please check our Compatibility chart to purchase your own adapter.

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Operating System

iOS, Android

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