On The Road to the LPGA with Kelly Okun and Live View Golf


Today we have a guest contribution from Kelly Okun.  Kelly has been working with Live View Golf at home and when she travels.  She recently posted this swing clip for us on Instagram  Kelly writes about how she works with Live View Golf at home and on the road in her quest to earn her spot on to the LPGA

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Live View Golf has become as a routine part of my golf game.  Whether I am practicing or competing, I will always have my camera nearby.  Trying to make it to the LPGA Tour, I travel more than I ever thought possible.  After I graduated college, I optimistically imagined seeing my swing coach every other week, lessons scattered in between tournaments.  However, that just isn’t realistic when you are on the road for weeks at a time.  This camera serves as another set of trusted eyes when I train – my own.

I fell in love with the Live View camera because I could essentially do mirror work without the strain of looking in the mirror; any screen (smart phone, iPad, etc.) can be placed on the ground in front of the ball so I can view my swing in live time without the awkward head angle.

I can even send my video, drawings and all, to my coach directly from the app.  This feature was exceptionally helpful when I was playing on the Australian Ladies Professional Golf Tour earlier this year.  There is nothing like being half a world away from your coach, but Live View Golf eliminates that distance.

Another advantage to owning this camera is its flexibility.  I live in Florida, and it is not uncommon to find my practice impeded by rain or the occasional hurricane.  I thought I had a great camera setup in my tiny apartment, but Live View made my life even easier by sending me the wide-angle lens adapter.  Now I can take full-speed swings without worrying about smashing a window!

Live View Golf has really invented something special.  I could not imagine touring without my camera.  It is such a confidence booster to see my swing on plane and in good position despite weeks of traveling.  You can bet that this camera is in my bag any time I leave for the range or a tournament.

– Kelly Okun –

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