Dual Screen Practice with Rory

Announcing LV Studio Learn Even Faster!

We are proud to announce the next evolution of our ground breaking DSM™ technology to help you see what is real and learn faster than ever.  Our upcoming iOS LV Studio App adds key new features to make swing changes faster and track your progress along the way.

In the coming weeks we will begin beta testing and releasing new features including:

  • Split Screen Video (beta available)
  • Video Templates (beta available)
  • Cloud Video Storage *(March)
  • Coaching interface * (March)
  • Dual Camera Mode* (April)
  • Android Version (May)

*Premium Service requires subscription. The Dual Camera Mode will require a premium subscription because the second camera will be delivered as an app using your iPhone or iPad as a second camera. We will announce premium service pricing when features are released.


LV Studio replaces the original Live View Golf App for all LiveView +PLUS and LiveView PRO users.  The original app will be available for Live View Classic users and older hardware devices. 

If you are interested in testing all of the new features as soon as they become available, we have a limited number of slots available for beta testers. V5.5 Beta Testers will need to re-register since the code has been branched into a new app.  We recommend using an iPad Pro in early feature testing because code optimization for older devices is not scheduled until initial feature delivery is completed. 

For additional information on the Beta test, please see our Forum for more detailed information:


Beta Testers!

Please register using Apple’s Testflight App at the following link:

Guide for use of Dual Screen Video:


  • Do you have any Beta testing for Android users? I have a Samsung Galaxy S9+.

    • Android Beta testing will begin in May when we start the Android Development.

  • Trying LVStudio. When importing a video from my library I was not able to access the drawing and other tools. Content that I already have in the cloud are not opening up to allow me to upload into the add media folder.

    • The drawing and trim tools are available in the “Content” menu when first importing the file. Once the file is imported the file cannot be edited anymore. We are working on improving this.


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