Try the Android App before the official release.

App Features

  •  New UI & UX
  • Camera Rotation 
    • Portrait & Landscape Mode

Rotate the camera to take advantage of the sensor width for reduced imaging distance. Then use “Portrait Mode” to adjust the UI to match the camera orientation

  • New Drawing Tool
    • New Pen Tool
    • New Selection Tool
  • New Video Library (MyPractice)
    • New Video Player
    • Add to Favorites
    • Add Notes
    • Sections from Date of video
    • New Delete Tool
      • Delete Only Today’s Videos
      • Keep Favorites
  • New Video Player
      • Content Slow Motion 

Slow or speed up content playback. Ranges from 1/5 – 8X.

      • Key Frame Stops

Freezes playback for key-frames to check swing positions. Key Frames must be inserted during content creation.

  • Authentication
    • Create Account
    • Log-in

Your account must be authenticated to access Download Content Feature (Pls see below)

  • *Download Content
    • Watch Lessons from different channels (LVS Academy, US Golf TV…etc)
    • Download Practice Videos (Reference Video)

*You need an Internet connection to download content and then connect to the Live View Camera to use Guided Mirroring Feature (see below).

  • Guided Mirroring (Split Screen) 

    Allows you to bring in a reference swing for constant comparison during your practice. This constant comparison helps you to observe subtle differences and learn intuitively.

    • Select Content (Reference Video)
    • Change Content (Reference Video)
    • Play Reference Video
    • Sync videos
      Videos will be synced with to match video duration.

How to Install Android App on Android 9.0 or later

  1. Download the .apk

  2. Just start the installation of LVStudio app by clicking on the completed download message in your mobile browser

  3. A prompt will appear with the message if you would like to grant permission to install the app

  4. Grant the permission

  5. The android app will be safely installed.

  6. Open the app

Minimum Software Requirements for LVStudio App

LVStudio App replaces the original Live View Golf App for all LiveView +PLUS and LiveView PRO camera users. The original app (LiveViewGolf) is available for Live View Classic camera users and older hardware devices. 

The minimum software requirement for LVStudio app will be 9 (Android OS) or higher. All types of Android devices are designed for this release.