Practicing Indoors Is Easy with Live View Golf!

Practicing Indoors Is Easy with Live View Golf!

Save $40 and get 2 FREE foam golf balls for your
indoor practice with this special Indoor Bundle offer!

Bundle includes:

LiveView PRO


2x Foam Golf Balls

$338.00 (Save $40)

Practicing indoors is easy with Live View PRO, your perfect tool to keep your swing in check and continue to practice productively.


“I’ve only had the camera for a few days, but in that short time I’ve made discoveries that I’ve been wrestling with for months.”

John Robinson – Orange, CA HDCP:7

Less than 4' of space required

Camera Distance Required

In Portrait Mode Live View Pro can capture a full height golf swing from inside 4′ so that you can use it almost anywhere you can take a swing.
**To prevent injury to yourself or others, please be aware of your surroundings when swinging a golf club indoors**

Automatic Slow-Motion Instant Replay

Automatic swing recording and  slow motion instant replay make practicing simple and fun. Never worry about starting or stopping recordings.  Every swing is captured and trimmed automatically to catch both back swing and follow through.  Just practice and only stop to watch slow-motion replays without touching anything other than your club!

Intuitive Practice with Guided Mirroring

Image showing Guided Mirror Function

Using our patented digital mirroring (DSM) you not only see your own swing clearly, but you can also bring in a model to compare your swing in real time.  This process called “Guided Mirroring” enables you to learn in the most intuitive way simply by watching and copying movements. 

Import Pro Swings For Comparison

Pro Swings for Comparison

Import pro swings for comparison during guided mirroring to see exactly what the pros are doing that you are not.

Indoor Bundle Sale!

Bundle Includes:

LiveView Pro (MSRP: $349.00)
60FPS Recording and Playback
LivePod (MSRP: $19.00)
2x Foam Golf Balls ($10.00)

Total Value $378.00

Save $40.00

Indoor Bundle: $338.00

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