Three Minute Quick Start

To get started with your LiveView Pro and and the newly released “LVStudio” App follow these simple steps:

1. Install LVStudio from the Apple App store (iOS 13.0+), Google Play (Android 8.1+ or higher) or Kindle Fire (FireOS 7.0+ or higher)
2. Mount your LiveView Pro with the LivePod or an Alignment Stick.  We recommend the LivePod 2 for easy mobility and portrait mode.  Minimum distance to the ball for LiveView Pro is 7′ in standard and 4′ in portrait mode.
3. Connect to the camera via the “LiveViewGolf” hotspot on WiFi.
4. Launch the app and confirm app permissions for location, photos, microphone and camera.
5. Use sound trigger recording for hands free practice.

Drawing Persistent Lines for Practice

Live View Studio supports Persistent Lines that are visible during practice and also saved to all recordings.

1. Record a swing or setup video
2. Draw lines and other objects on the recorded video.
3. All graphic lines and other objects are automatically transferred to Live Mode for use during further practice.
4. Lines are also saved on all recordings.

Guided Mirroring

LVStudio offers Guided Mirroring to make learning simple and intuitive by simply watching and copying a model movement or swing.  To get started with our pre-built content in guided mirroring:

1. Register a user Profile.  To reach our registration and content servers you have to be connected to the Internet.  Please disconnect from your Live View camera and connect to the Internet before registering your profile and downloading content (note your login email and password for future reference) 
2. Download Content. Once you have logged into your registered profile. Go to “Content” and “Downloadable Content” to view teaching content and swing clips for download.
3. Load Guided Mirroring.  Open “Split Screen” function to load saved Guided Mirroring content.


When aligning the camera for downline swingplane video, make sure the camera is directly behind your hands pointing straight at the target.


Avoid fat or thin ball strikes by checking your body for excessive sway from side to side. Use LiveView in front facing mode to achieve optimum contact through impact, by maintaining a stationary post through your entire swing.


Video Playlist
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Automatic Replay on Live View Golf
Automatic Replay on Live View Golf
LiveView SmartRemote
LiveView SmartRemote
Using Two Live View Golf Cameras at the same time.
Using Two Live View Golf Cameras at the same time.
V5 Features Part 1/2 (Sharing)
V5 Features Part 1/2 (Sharing)
V5 Features Part 2/2 (Templates)
V5 Features Part 2/2 (Templates)