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We show our ID’s and walk up the stairs towards the top floor. Once there we make a quick right and head towards the dance floor to make a quick lap. The DJ is spinning that good 60’s soul and there are a couple of girls dancing but we’re too late for the party to really get it it in. We head towards the outside rooftop deck. The familiarity of stepping out the glass door is instant. The dim lights, the heat lamps and the dark night lends to the mystery of not really knowing what you’re working with. It takes a few minutes for your eyes to adjust. We walk through towards the more spacious back patio with brighter moonlight.
woman kiss of man's forehead
As we walk towards the patio we notice the silly pink mini dress blonde with her two friends from outside the bar. Tyler B lines it straight towards her and spits game. Rookie and I head to the bar and get drinks. We spot two ok girls at the corner end of the bar but too much between us to get there. Nights like this I can feel it in my bones it’s going to take patience. After getting our drinks and letting Tyler do his thing we wait for the number exchange and walk up to give him the getaway excuse. He introduces us and she’s pulling on his arm and tells me, “i wanted to kidnap your friend and bring him to Current with us”. Tyler promises to text her in a little bit, she’s out the door. Last time I suited up a girl got up and moved her train spot to spit at me. Tonight a girl dragged her friends into a bar to hit on Tyler before her and her friends went to a birthday party in another part of town. If you’re not a believer in the suit, believe that.
The universal rule of U street is asexual girls that are out in a pairs of twos are looking to hook up. As soon as pink leaves we turn around and hit on these two girls standing by themselves. I opened up the tall one and brought in Rookie and Tyler, Tyler immediately isolates her friend. It doesn’t go anywhere. The girl I opened has a boyfriend in Baltimore and Tyler’s chick isn’t down with the fact he’s here for one night, he still gets her number though. They leave and we lose the rookie somehow (bathroom).
Tyler and I wonder around the open patio looking for Rookie. Suddenly two raven haired brunettes cross our paths. One’s tall with shoulder length hair and dimples and the other is short with shorter hair, dimples and a long jacket that was hiding the fact that she was working with hot thick little body like Dylan Ryder minus the lazy eye but with that mean sex vibe (I have a thing for girls who look like girls I’ve masturbated to). The tall one stopped whispered something to Dylan look alike, smiled at us then began to walk towards the bar. Tyler and I gave each other the did you see that look then Tyler turned, look towards them, waited for the tall one to look back and smile then pointed at her and fingered for her to come back over here. Quick introductions were made and the four of started talking. It was obvious the tall one was into tyler which was cool because I felt that Dylan was right up my wheelhouse.
Everyone was flirting and Tyler was using this balance wrist band he bought at the mall earlier that day as a prop and to build attraction. We claimed that the reason they came and talked to us was that the wrist band had magic powers that attracted hot girls to us. The tall one was skeptical until she tried it on and Tyler showed her some balance demos. Dylan was skeptical so I negged her hard and asked her questions along the line of if she was always such a downer and threatened to banish her from our fun group. She playfully protested back that she wasn’t the not fun one. Round of drinks were bought and attraction was built. Dylan and I traded verbal flirtatious jabs. Her guard was up, rightfully so. We were men in suits, villains, up to no good. The Rookie found us and then last call was called. Our group buzzing walked out. Once in the street the girls and us start walking towards Tyler’s rental car.
It took a few seconds but the tall one asked, “wait where are we going”. I answered, “to the after party rookie, duh…. act like you’ve done this before” The girls looked at each other and giggled. Once we got to Tyler’s car and everyone jumped Dylan tried to be a downer, “No really where too”. I suggest the Rookie’s place but they said it’s too far. Then the tall one says she’s got alcohol at her apartment we just have to be quiet cause her guy roommate is asleep. Cool. Once at her place she makes us all whiskey drinks and all five of us go into her room and start chilling on her bed. The drinks are strong and so is the chance of an orgy going down. Crew luv to the fullest. The Rookie put’s on The Weeknd on his phone and the mood gets sensual real quick. Tyler puts his arms around his chick on one end of the bed, I lean closer to mine on the other end. Rookie knows the score and claims to need to lay down because he’s, “SO wasted” and goes to the couch. A few minutes later Tyler starts kissing his chick and Dylan and I get the picture. We excuse ourselves to go make another round of drinks in the kitchen, Once there, the bedroom door closes behind us.
In the kitchen we make drinks, Rookie is pretending to sleep on the couch. Dylan and I have our own conversation about some existential deep shit about what’s going on with me and life. I was forcing that fake connect and pretending to be vulnerable. That’s when we here her girl’s loud groaning come through her bedroom door. Dylan looks at me and can’t believe her friend can be so easy. I look at her like it’s no big deal. We’re silent for a few seconds then I lean in and kiss her. She pulls back and is silent for a few seconds before saying, “I can’t believe you just kissed me”. Me, “yeah”. I go in and kiss her again this time she kisses back hard putting her arms around me, pulling me in. We’re making out and listening to her friend getting fucked by my friend while my other friend is on the couch listening to all of this… crew luv. I tell her we should get out of here.
We jump into a cab and I get that fake ass resistance. Where are you going? I’m going to your place, you live by the metro I’ll just take it in the morning. All girls will try to fight the game in the cab, make it look like they don’t know you’re coming over, Whatever. At her place she tells me to be quiet as we walk up to her room. She takes of her jacket and we both lay on our sides facing each other on her bed with the lights on and dim. More chit chat about real world shit and hopes and dreams and whatever Heineken and whiskey will have a guy like me saying to a girl like her at 4 am. Finally she mentions something to me about me having tattoos.
I get up and she crawls further up her bed to look straight at me. I take of my shirt. She takes of her shirt throws it to the floor. Her body is nice, tiggs are legit but i notice her black bra is not a bra, it takes me a while to realize it’s a black bikini top the way it ties at the top around her neck. I’m trying to figure out what the fuck is going on if I’m drunk or do girls do this all the time. I’m trying to decide if it’s sexy or grimy or a little bit of both… fuck it. I take my pants off and she does the same. Fumble recovery she’s wearing sexy red lace boy shorts. I take a deep breath and crawl slowly on top of her. A sadness takes hold of me when I realize that this is it, that after this moment all the mystery and carnal hunger for this flesh in front of me will be over. The possibility that the best part of all this were the moments leading up to where I am right now. I kiss her and we do what we came to do.
The next day I would find out that after Tyler banged her friend he took the Rookie back to his apartment then went back out and banged a girl he met out in Arlington the night before and the whole time till he boarded his plane the blonde in the pink dress was begging him to come over and he thought about missing his flight for it. Laying on my couch, reading the text messages, I shook my head thinking, Fucking typical Tyler. Until the next time.
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