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[Sticky] Android Beta

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Android  V5.4.18 (Amazon Kindle Optimizations)

The latest version updates some instant replay optimized for Amazon Kindle and improves 60FPS performance for Kindle.  Installing the latest version will require you to allow installation from “unknown sources.”


Beta 3.11   Remote Control Code - Added remote control commands, improved Socket layer connection to improve streaming performance and instant replay function on Amazon Kindle Devices.
Beta 3.10 Autoreplay Enhancement - Massive rewrite of auto-replay library for performance enhancement.  Auto replay should now trigger much more quickly even on slower devices.  There are still frame rate issues.  We are still working on Socket level video transfer in the coming weeks.
Beta 2.20: Performance Enhancements – Now works reasonably well on Late Model phones (Samsung S8, Pixel, Pixel2)  trimming delays persist with older devices.
Beta 18: Automatic Replay first release.  We are having issues trimming the files so there is a long delay after triggering autoreplay.
RC17: Additional Fixes for Kindle Fire and Nox Compatibility.
RC16: Fixed vector graphic scaling causing some crashes for Samsung Tab 3
RC15: Fixed Kindle Fire Compatibility.
beta 14: Fixed Android 6.01 Samsung S5 Crashbug, adjusted sound trigger scaling.  Updated Version to reflect 5.2.X revision number.
beta 13: This is our release candidate.  Fixed Template naming, saving, application.  trim with slow motion playback issues (Skip frames when playing back slow content)
beta 12: Share video fixed
beta 11: performance enhancements for video editing and auto-recording
beta 10: added sound recording trigger
beta 9: Fixed video tiling resolution issues on high resolution devices.
beta 8: Fixed UI Error Message: “text relocations”

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