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[Sticky] LVStudio Manual

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We are still working to create better documentation for the new LVStudio App but there  are still many changes to come.  We've decided to post a preliminary manual to help everyone understand the major functionality of the new app. We will continue to update this  manual as we add more features.

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Just a quick question. Do I have to reboot the camera after installing the latest updates? LVS really must up their game judging by the posts on this forum...


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I just subscribed to the LVSync Dual Camera option several days ago and I can’t get the connection to work. I need help getting my iPad Pro and iPhone 6s to connect as described on your website.

I have the most current version of LVStudio (1.3.3) on my iPad Pro and iPhone. I also have the most current iOS version 14.7.1 on the iPad Pro and iPhone as well. I have also connected both the iPhone and iPad Pro iPad to my LiveviewPRO successfully to record my swing many times in the past with no problem.

I am not sure if any of the below is causing the devices not to pair via LVSync:

1) I set up an account and password when I purchased LYSync. When do you use the account and password ongoing?

2) When I select LVSync in the LVStudio app, I still see the yellow banner stating “You can try Dual Camera now!  Before you start you should create an account and subscribe to LVSync.”  I already did this so should this banner still be displayed?

when I select dual camera for one device and camera for the other under LVSync it tries to connect and never does. 

Thank you for your prompt response with any specific instructions on how to connect both devices so I can begin recording face on and down the line using the iPhone and iPad Pro.  (I also sent this information a couple of days ago via email at [email protected] but have not received a response yet.)



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Dear @cc21137,

Would you please take a look at the following tutorial on "How To Subscribe and How To Set Up a Dual Camera"?

How To Set Up Dual Camera;
- Once you subscribed for a dual camera on your viewer (iPad) please connect to the LiveView camera wi-fi 
- Click the LVSync button and tap on "Dual View" 
- Tap on the LVSync button on your camera device (iPhone) and click "Camera Mode" (you don't need to connect your camera device to the LiveView camera)
- Connect to a device appearing in a circle (please tap on it) on your camera device (iPhone)
- You are all set. Real-Time mirroring along with Dual Camera.