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[Sticky] Improve Low Frame Rate/Choppy Video by Changing WiFi channel

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This is the worst camera, I wish I have read this forum before, what a waste of money, this guy added Sync to use 2 cameras, one useless camera to do swing analysis (theirs), and use an iPhone yet, you have to use that useless camera as the main camera. but when recording on both cameras, the image on their camera is so blurry and laggy that now I'm selling this device,  Lol the had an option to use another iPhone as a camera and it does not work at all, this guy in 5 years has not made any decent change to the hardware, now is charging 9.99 a month to use a low ultra-low camera definition to make swing analysis. it is like 10fps maximum. Man please at least give the users the option in sync mode to turn off your perverse camera and use a nice one, it's so simple, people with a real purchased camera could only use another camera, you already got your $349 for that ultra low res and quality camera, please give us a chance to use a decent camera, be honest sir, the idea is great, but someone is gonna make this better and you will be out soon, in fact, I'm thinking of it, great software with the worst hardware ever. 


When will ............use your device as LVstudio camera???????????? be working? 

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