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Can't connect to camera after changing its wifi name from Settings

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I just received my LiveView Pro and everything was working great, I could see video and record without problems. Then I went into settings and saw an option to change the camera's name, so I renamed it to "Jason's LiveView Pro" and clicked "Set Name", the change was successful and was asked to reboot camera which I did. Problem is camera never came back online. All the lights are on but my phone no longer sees the camera on my wifi list like it used to (old name or new). I have turned the camera on/off several times and no luck. Does changing camera name brick the Pro model??

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Now its working or not?

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I am having the same problem. Did anyone reply with an answer?

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If the camera doesn't respond after any changes, you can set it back to factory settings by using the pinhole at the bottom of the camera.  Press it for 8 seconds while the camera is on and the camera will reset back to factory settings.