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Android version 5.4.20  


Mike Anderson
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10/03/2020 7:50 pm  

I've been having problems with the V5.4.20 app on my Android phone. Sometimes it seemed to hang while ending a recording. Other times it seemed to hang when manipulating the lines I had drawn (moving them around) during playback. On one occasion it recovered after a couple minutes. Other times I I couldn't even end the program and had to restart my phone Trying to recreate the problem, I opened a video file, pressed Play, and then tried to use the >>> button. The progress dot snapped to the end of the progress line, and the screen froze for several minutes, then turned black for a minute or two, then reappeared. And now it works OK!

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20/03/2020 5:07 am  
Thank you for informing us!
We have released a new Android Beta version. If you'd like to be involved in upcoming releases, please join our pre-release beta program.
Please kindly send our support "[email protected]" your Google Play email address.