10 Facts About the Masters You Didn’t Know


The famous green jacket and the immaculate grounds at the Augusta National Golf Club make the Masters Tournament one of the most iconic weekends in golf. The depth of this historic tradition makes it easy for some interesting tidbits to get lost to the sands of time.

10 Masters Facts

Here are some largely unknown facts about the Masters.

#1 How Old is the Masters Golf Tournament?

According to Augusta’s history page this tournament started in the spring of 1934, but it was originally named the Augusta National Invitational Tournament.

#2 Augusta National Golf Course Property Cost

Golf.com reports that Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts bought 365 acres for $70,000 to build Augusta. Now Augusta members may spend almost that much at the club in a single year!

#3 Best Single Round at the Masters

Greg Norman and Nick Price have both shot a 63 for a single round of this tournament, according to golf.com.

#4 The Growing Length of Augusta National Golf Course

Augusta has continued to expand due to advancements in golf clubs. It’s grown 635 yards since it was established in 1933. Source: golf.com

#5 The 19th Hole at Augusta National Golf Course

Augusta founder Bobby Jones considered including a 19th hole where golfers could place a “double or nothing” bet. Source: mybucketlistevents.com

#6 Green Jackets are Kept at Augusta National

The Masters champion is permitted to take his jacket home but must return it a year later at the next tournament. Otherwise, all green jackets stay on the club grounds permanently. Perhaps this is an effort to avoid situations like the one below. Source: PGA, T.J. Auclair

#7 The Easiest Green Jacket to Get

A thrift store shopper in Toronto bought an authentic green Augusta members’ jacket from the 1950s for $5. The lucky thrift shopper sold this jacket at auction for $140,000 in 2017. Source: Golf Digest

#8 The Masters Logo Features an Inaccurate Map

The Masters brand may value tradition more than accuracy. Instead of updating the United States map in their logo to be perfectly accurate, they use the traditional design from the 1930s. Source: mybucketlistevents.com

#9 One Jacket Per Customer

If you’re wondering what to wear to the Masters Golf Tournament, don’t even think about getting an official green jacket (unless you stumble upon it at a thrift store). The maker won’t respond to requests from individuals. Even repeat winners don’t get a second jacket! Source: PGA

#10 Arnold Palmer’s Masters Drink of Choice

While enjoying the Masters in 2013, Arnold Palmer asked a waitress for, “a Mr. Palmer,” then winked at her conspiratorially. Source: mybucketlistevents.com

Betting Odds on the Masters Golf Tournament

The 2018 Masters is April 5-8, and people are already talking about the favorites to don the green jacket. Here are the top five according to VegasInsider.com.

  1. Dustin Johnson 8/1
  2. Rory McIlroy 8/1
  3. Tiger Woods 17/2
  4. Justin Thomas 9/1
  5. Jordan Spieth 12/1

Big names like Bubba Watson, Phil Mickelson, Rickie Fowler, and Sergio Garcia aren’t far behind, and it’s all going to come down to the final round on Sunday!

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